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Are you interested in integrating injectables into your existing practice? Or just starting out in the industry and want to get some hands on experience?  We work with physicians, nurse practitioners, physician assistants, registered nurses and dentists who are seeking either basic training in injectables or want to gain additional advanced training.

Learn the fundamentals of botulinum toxins and dermal fillers to increase your confidence and comfort level with your patients. Training includes extensive didactic and hands on experience, including mapping and injecting several areas of the face. Business aspects of aesthetics will be discussed. Class sizes are kept small for a more intimate setting (1-5 professionals at one time). Onsite or offsite trainings are available to allow for flexibility in your schedule.

What sets us apart from other training courses and larger schools? Dr. Heffner has 7 years of experience in the aesthetics field. She understands how important it is to gain hands on experience before integrating aesthetics into your own practice. Many training classes have very limited hands on where injectors are sharing models and only able to inject limited areas of the face.

Whether you are planning on starting your own practice or wanting to look more enticing to employers, our training class is an excellent way to begin a future career in aesthetic medicine.

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Look at real patient’s before and after photos! These have not been retouched or modified any any way.


Our one day combo course includes extensive didactic instruction, followed by hands on sessions with models. Product for the injection course includes 20 units of Botox and 2 syringes of dermal filler for practice. We prefer one model for each injector with focus on lips and smile lines for the dermal filler injections. If you are unable to bring a model, we will find one for you. Handbooks, Powerpoint information, and consent/treatment sheets/pre-post care handouts will be provided. Certificates will be given after course is completed.

Our combination class of Botox and dermal filler is $1900. We do offer single classes of Botox/neurotoxin instruction and hands on for $800. Our single dermal filler class is $1200. We do offer a $100 discount referral credit if you and a colleague decide to take the course together (combination class only).


Yes. Dr Heffner does offer one on one advanced student training for students who have already completed a basic course and have been injecting for over 6 months. Areas of practice may include tear troughs, cheeks, chin and jaw contour, as well as advanced Botox injection areas. Pricing is $900 per day and the student is responsible for supplying product and models for hands on instruction.

Ready to add advanced techniques to your practice?